Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About Exposure

A small note I made to myself in my notebook:

Sometimes, as with any time one opens oneself up to a new person in any environment, this "other" defines them self as even more so when their intentions differ so greatly from your own- as to wound or offend. I feel that I am a gentle yet rigorous person, rigorous yet not decisively invasive. It's okay to feel hurt, it means you are human. It's also okay to choose to avoid the potentiality of being hurt, especially if one is aware of one's state of vulnerability... There are times when I feel indestructible, and still other times I feel pulpy, soft, shy, damaged. It's okay to feel both, maybe better to feel both occasionally instead of one or the other constantly. It's good to feed other's what you yourself know you can grow strong off of.
As a reminder, the word "alone" is relative- no one is ever alone. We are cloistered or we are lonely, but never alone, never without some human but a few feet of drywall or brick or miles away. Never without some other human who has felt fear the way we have, whatever the nuances of circumstance.


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